About her

Sukanya is a young versatile performing artist from India. She is primarily a vocal and screen artist having quite a few music albums, live performances, television serials and films to her credit. She hails from Calcutta, renamed as Kolkata – India’s cultural and intellectual capital. She is an all out artist dedicated to creativity in different aspects of fine arts. She is an incarnation of originality in every aspect of her artistic endeavours.

In the field of music, besides being able to sing in 5 languages, she is a composer as well as a lyricist. She has composed the music of several of her most popular numbers. She has also written many of her songs. Her lyrics have emerged from her profound ability to write poems. She has been a poet since childhood and has her own indigenous style both in Bengali as well as in English. Her English poetry too has a distinctly original flavour. Sukanya is an Honours Graduate in English from Calcutta University.

She deserves to be addressed as ‘a complete artiste’ because of her fundamental ability to create spontaneously – to be able to visualise something even before it is there and be able to translate that into a piece of art. This inherent ability in her has resulted in her drawings not only on paper but also using the PC as a canvas. Her creativity has also manifested in her photography – amazing and intriguing images captured through her lens-eye.

This site has been created for the world to experience and enjoy some of the creations and artistic abilities of Sukanya Dutta. It enables the visitor to listen to her songs, read her poems, and see her drawings and photographs.

Sukanya divides her time between her two homes in Calcutta and London, travelling frequently between them. This way she is able to keep her professional commitments in both the continents as well as North America. Sukanya is a dedicated artist, and makes herself available for professional acting and musical performances, anywhere in the world. Besides being an artist she also has a corporate life working along side her colleagues in professional organisations, mostly in the UK.


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